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How to get your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Connect if it won't connect to samsung kies

connect to samsung kies

This is how to get Saxmsung galaxy S/S2/S3 to connect to Samsung Kies if you can't or have had problems either by Wi-Fi or USB cable.!

If you’ve had your lovely galaxy s or galaxy sII connected to your laptop you may well find that next time you try and connect it you won’t connect to Samsung’s Kies program. Not only is it a stupid name, it’s a stupid piece of software.

You will find many solutions on the net and I have tried most of them being a techy geek (but none of them worked). I still struggled to get it to connect. I kept getting various errors like “driver failed to load” or it just says “connecting” for hours or even “no sim card inserted!”. Basically all kinds of annoying errors.

Anyhow this should fix it once and for all!.
Do this at your own risk (although there isn’t much that can go wrong)

Step 1
  • 1) With no lead connected, put the Galaxy into USB debug mode (under developer settings)
  • 2) Switch the phone off
  • 3) Plug in the GS2 USB cable. Keep the volume button and home key pressed down.....while you now switch the phone.
  • 4) Once the yellow triangle appears your in DOWNLOAD MODE, press the volume UP to continue.
  • 5) Let it do it’s downloading…… if it appears to do nothing for say 10 minutes, take out the lead and the battery to reset it.
  • 6) Re-start the Galaxy phone and take out the USB lead
  • 7) Once the GS2 or GS3 is booted up, take out of USB debug mode.
  • 8) Start Samsung Kies
  • 9) Plug in your phone using the USB lead again
  • 10) Kies should connect,; well id does on about 99% of the time.
  • 11) Swear at the 4 hours at least you had to waste fiddling with such a poor piece of software provided for such a brilliant phone!
  • 12) If it doesn't work, uninstall Kies and repeat. If it still doesn't work see 13 below

    Repeat if it happens again! ps: we do not accept any responsibility for damage to your phone if you fiddle with it. There is nothing above that should cause any damage but you try this at your own risk as your a big boy or girl.

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    Thanks, this was realy annoying me too !!
    Comment posted by Marc on 17/07/2012 19:29:57

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