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The Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three - Available April 2013

3 Store: The Galaxy S4 White on three mobile

The long awaited and much hyped Samsung Galaxy S4 has hit the UK shores; but does it live up to the hype?

Samsung market the Galaxy range of smart phones as their “iPhone killers” which you have to admit they are pretty amazing phones. Just think back just 10 years you you’ll remember we were all using black and “white” screened phones.

The most common question asked is; is the Galaxy S4 much better than the Galaxy S3?

Well you do get a slightly bigger screen, a faster processor and a better camera, but do you really need those? The Galaxy S2 and S3 are both extremely capable phones and super fast. Honestly; if Samsung had launched the laser keyboard No laser keyboard with the S4 i'm affraid with the S4 then we’d have given the phone 5 Stars, but it gets just rated 4 stars from us because it’s just not that different to the S3.

Read our review of the amazing Galaxy S2 in white..

3 Store: Large image of the Galaxy S2 White

Okay, so your looking for a new phone? and you’ve heard people raving on about “smart phones” and touch screens etc and comparing the Apple iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S2. Well we have used the both of course and don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great mobile phone, but Samsung mobiles have brought out the big guns with the Galaxy S2 and blown it straight into second place.

It is not often that you buy something and think that it’s near perfect, but trust us the Galaxy S2 on three mobile is getting very close. In white, it’s sleek, light , bright and super fast. It’s so fast, often it’s instant. I’m sure iPhone 5 fans will be shouting that the iPhone is more “stylish” (which between you and me is), but day to day, it’s functionality that counts. The Galaxy on three is a bit plastic feeling but that does make it lighter and you can live with it. It can also be a bit slippery in white as the white versions are smooth and the black S2 is textured, but they do feel nicer.

The S2 runs the now famous Google Android OS software which considering it’s so new puts Microsoft to shame when you think how old Windows is, yet every new version seems to have more bugs! The geeks at Google seem to have learnt from others mistakes and nailed it from day one. No Nokia N97 lockups!!

In summary when you hold both side by side, the iPhone feels nice but here it is in a nutshell…

The Galaxy S2 (free from the 3 store with a contract) can do all that the iPhone 4S can do, but also much more ! rated 5 stars by 21 votes(21 reviews) Five star rating from us for a truly masterpiece of a phone.

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